Bud Hunt’s Eye Opening Post Response

To beginning this post, I want to say that this blog post by Bud Hunt was actually surprising awesome to read and made me start to think for myself. I believe this post is just a way to say think for yourself and do what’s best for you, and your own learning experience. Hunt talks about hacking, making, and playing with directly correlates to your everyday classroom.

By hacking  your school work, you will find yourself becoming more interested in what you’re learning and creating. This also gives room for your creativity to really shine through your work. Once you start to “hack” your schoolwork, it will become easier and more enjoyable. I always believed hacking was solely just hacking your computer, or someone hacking your credit card. It has always had these negative connotations in my eyes until I read this post. Now that I have read this post, and I understand it, I can begin to incorporate this idea in my everyday life. By thinking about things in my own way, and being creative with my mind, I can hack things and make them more simple, and exciting for me as a person, student, athlete, or future teacher.

Playing is another term I never thought of as positive. Throughout all my life I’ve always heard this term as negative. Whether that be “playing a girl” or “playing your friends.” In my mind it’s only been an synonym to hustling. Which is also a term you could use here to mean a good thing. You need to play with things in order to really figure it out. Like some sort of video game. You’re not gonna be a master at that game until you play with it, and get a feel for it. The same goes with school, or a class. It’s important to play with certain ideas you have, and really play with it. Play with it in your head. “How will this work out,” “Who will like it,” “What’s this topic really mean to me?”

Reading this post really made me open my mind to the idea of really thinking for myself when it comes to school work and creating things with myself in mind. By doing this, things will come easier for me and I’ll feel more accomplished because I’ll feel like it’s something of my own, out of my own mind. Creativity is something that’s not bad, it just takes a backseat in most schools today.


Photo CC: Marek Uliasz Via Getty Images


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