Ds106 is an awesome thing because it gives students the ability to create their own identity and be seen how they want to be seen by giving information they want to give. Ds106 is an open course that allows students to create by using something called “Digital Story Telling.” This help students or really anyone to show their ideas on virtually any topic using any form of something digital. This could be a video, a blog, pictures, or sounds. This helps people interact with other people from all over who could share the same ideas, or even have conflicted views on topics. It helps ordinary people share their true stories using short stories.

Being apart of ds106 will require you to build you online identity if you haven’t already done so. This means linking all your accounts with the course so you can be found anywhere and your views and stories could be found easily. There is also no instructor for this course so “students” don’t have to feel that pressure of a teacher always grading their assignments and giving them a grade on it. This is a great concept because students always feel he need to please their professors and turn in work that isn’t creative, it just is what the teacher asked them to do. If teachers were more apt to letting their students create, and be themselves, this wouldn’t be such a point of emphasis. That’s one of the biggest problems in education, students aren’t being creative in their learning and teachers aren’t being creative in their teaching. With ds106 you have students and teachers both using there creativity to both learn and teach.

Ds106 allows students to develop skills in technology by helping students network, share, narrate, and self create. Another benefit is students being able to create a digital identity to get information out. Another benefit is being able to critically examine the digital landscape of communication technologies.

For the “semester wrap-up” at University of Mary Washington students were asked to give advice to future students. Most of the students talked about how hard the course actually was. Many of the students talked about how it’s important to take the course day by day so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Students liked how you could learn all kinds of new stuff on different types of media which does sound extremely great.

All in all this seems like a great course with many benefits. It’s important to know these skills especially in the world we live in today with the evolving technology.


Photo CC: Reverend


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